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A short online portfolio of the most recent work from my time as the Graphic Designer at BushWear.


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BushWear operates as a mail order company with a 3-way split between shop, web, and catalogue orders, so print is very much still a vital part of the business.  Catalogues with a print run of 250-300k are common, with shorter supplemental catalogues distributed every 2 months.  Other print jobs include press advertising, large format for trade shows, shop signage etc.

Sporting 2015/16

Sporting 14/15

Supplemental 48 page catalogue, the first in a new bi-monthly series to increase exposure of the brand to a core audience with greater frequency.  With the catalogue focus shifting towards in stock items, rather than special order, the average number of products per page is lower throughout, meaning I had some room to play with on the pages, deciding to push strong brand imagery where possible.  This catalogue's design also allowed for some on-the-fly  design, which I go into in more depth below.

Christmas 2014

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Our longest publication at 140 pages and in a much more attractive perfect-bound format.   Refinement of the design continued with this catalogue: bringing the margins in, reducing product-per-page and generally opening the design up to make it much more attractive and give the products a lot more breathing space.


This is considered 'The BushWear Bible' for customers to reference for 6-8 months, with sales and price changes being handled through the smaller supplemental publications.

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20 page supplemental designed to increase Christmas sales.  Largely followed the Sporting 14/15 design, but with a festive BushWear twist.  The front cover is a composite image of 5 separate images; a stock Santa Claus, a reindeer scene, a Pro Hunter suit image, a candy cane, and a snow texture to create the illusion of Santa Claus wearing our flagship suit.  Many other composite images throughout.


The Spring 2015 catalogue required several new icons throughout its 48 pages.  First, we are attempting to provide the customer with more insight into the waterproof and breathability ratings of their clothing, and this required iconography to deliver this information to the customer at a glance:

Other Icons

I decided the design of some sections would benefit from updated iconography, seen here on their respective pages.  These icons were all created on the fly, as I worked on each page.


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Due to the constantly changing nature of the business, BushWear's website requires a lot of maintenance.  This ranges from banner images for a striking front page, to fresh product
photography as new items arrive or designs change, as well as third party
banners and keeping on top of social media imagery.

Illustration used to be a purely personal endeavour, but the past year or so at BushWear has allowed me to use the existing mascot to inject some light-hearted personality into
the brand.  Customer feedback has been excellent, and people seem to be
identifying with Kiwi and associating him with the brand more than ever.

I do, of course, continue personal illustration in my spare time, both digitally and traditionally, some of which is displayed below.  I also hope to supplement my career by freelancing in the future, and  one of my main ambitions for 2015 is to illustrate a children's book.

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